About Us

This past year certainly been some of the strangest... yet perhaps also an opportunity to reflect on what matters most.

It has forced us all to reconsider what we have come to expect, to think hard about what we truly want out of life, and even opened up some new avenues of creation & exploration.

It is in that spirit that we share with you a new project that has blossomed during these strange times, from an idea into a tangible and nourishing reality. It is a project created with intention, possibility, and hope. We call it Flying Colors.

Several months ago, Whitney was hunting for organic, non-GMO, high quality bird seed to feed our backyard flying friends, free of toxic chemicals from factory farms. To our surprise, it was almost impossible to find.

Not to be deterred, we decided to try crafting our own premium organic wild bird food blends, sourcing the best seeds and nuts from trusted (and often local) producers. After much research, diligent backyard experiments, and fascinating conversations with seed experts, ecologists, and ornithologists... Flying Colors was finally ready for its debut.

To kick things off, we blended a small batch of our favorite organic nuts and seeds, tested in our own Hudson Valley backyard in Pine Plains, New York.

We are thrilled to share our first premium blends and single origin pours with you. It will certainly be exciting to see where things go from here, and we hope you enjoy sharing Flying Colors with the wild birds in your backyard just as much as we do!

With Love,
Matthew, Whitney, & Stetson